Ethical implementation of SRM, cooperation linkages between Global North & South imperative Experts

Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) Conference at the esteemed in Islamabad. Themed “Living with Climate Change: Awareness and Training,” this conference marked a significant stride in addressing climate change through SRM, in collaboration with the non-profit US-based organization, the Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering (DSG).
The experts at the conclusion of the two-day international conference on Solar Geo-engineering said the ethical implementation of solar radiation modification (SRM) technology through just and ethical implementation was imperative by developing cooperation linkages between the global north and south.
The COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) and the Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering (DSG) convened the first two-day training seminar under the aim to extend the context of the new climate science and its governance challenge ahead among the policymakers, academia, civil society, and media.
During the second proceedings, the speakers deliberated on Policy and Youth Viewpoints on Climate Change and SRM. Dr. Jesse Reynolds from the DEGREES Initiative said that Climate Change was the most difficult challenge faced by international community that demanded dedicated scientific assets, capital and human resource to ward off adverse impacts of the global warming and environmental degradation.
He mentioned that his organisation was approaching international policy makers on SRM and solar geoengineering as most its efforts were focussed on scientific research intended on managing climate risks.
Clara Botto of SRM Youth Watch, Italy (online) briefed the participants on emerging technology and its trends based on solar geoengineering that demanded prudent and collaborative approach towards the SRM systems.
The session was followed by a survey on SRM by the CUI and DSG that aimed at focussing on the outcomes of the two-day international training seminar and gauged the knowledge of the participants on SRM.
Speaking on the Ethical Viewpoints for Pakistanis to Consider in an SRM World, Dr. Ghulam Shabbir, CUI highlighted that the world was at the brink of major crisis due to nuclear arsenal and climate change, whereas the planet earth witnessed extinction of mankind for five times and it would be the sixth time which would be triggered due to mankind’s self-damaging techs.
He added that the race of progress had led to exacerbating damage to climate and environment risking human life to extinction on earth which needed a balance through moral and ethical values that could be found in religion.
Environmental Journalist from APP, Ali Jabir Malik while sharing non-state actors view points on climate change and SRM said the subject of climate change gained momentum in Pakistan after recurrent devastating climate catastrophes which enhanced its vulnerability due to environmental degradation. He added that enhanced outreach, advocacy, dialogue and discourse on SRM could help enable academia, policy makers, scientists, media and private sector to take right course on venturing into solar geoengineering which might take time to establish its place in the policy discourse of the country to prepare itself before hand.

In his vote of thanks by Chairman, Department of Meteorology, CUI, Dr Kalim Ullah extended his gratitude to the participants and felicitated Former Head of the Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD), CUI, Prof Dr Athar Hussain for holding the first successful international event on SRM.
He called the initiative was a great step that convened participants from diverse background to attend the training conference.
Professor Dr. Athar Hussain, the esteemed former Chairman of the Department of Meteorology at CUI, played a central role as the primary organizer from Pakistan. Dr. Shuchi Talati, an eminent climate technology and governance expert, founder of The Alliance for Just DSG, and former American Association for the Advancement of Science Congressional Science Fellow, graced the event. Her notable service at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Obama adds a distinguished dimension. Additionally, Hassaan Sipra, Director of Global Engagement at DSG, added to the moment.
He thanked Hassaan Sipra, SRM Expert, DSG and Executive Director, DSG, Shuchi Talati for reaching from USA to participate in the conference.