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About Us:

The Times Union is the one of popular International current affair Weekly English News Paper of Pakistan. The first mission of a newspaper is to tell the truth as nearly as the truth may be ascertained. The object of newspaper shall tell ALL the truth so far as it can learn it, concerning the important affairs of the world. Our duty is to its readers and to the public at large, and not to the private interests of its owners. The newspaper shall not be the ally of any special interest, but shall be fair and free and wholesome in its outlook on public affairs and public men. We prefer what it prints shall be fit reading for the young as well as for the old. Our aim to the pursuit of truth, we shall be prepared to make sacrifices of its material fortunes, if such course is necessary for the public good. As a disseminator of the news, we shall observe the decencies that are obligatory upon a Government department or gentleman

The Times Union is being brought out regularly by since 2007.

Our Team

Our editorial team is comprised of writers, editors, and contributors with extensive professional experience in their fields of expertise. We share a journalistic commitment to provide clear, practical advice that helps families lead healthy, wealthy, and wise lives.


Nadeem Faisal Baiga

Executive Editor.

Saeed Afzal Chughtai

Editorial Assistant

Ishaq Ahmed

Senior Sports Editor

Muhammad Hussain

Asst. Sports Editor

Bilal Nasrullah Khan

Assistant Creative Editor

Muhammad Ali Kazmi

Web Master

Muhammad Attzaz Khan

Digital Photo Editor

Muhammad Ali

Digital Photo Editor

Shahbaz Hussain