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Election 2024

Polls open in Iran presidential election runoff

The Islamic republic’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei cast his ballot when the polls opened at 08:00 am Khamenei called for a higher turnout in the runoff

Keir Starmer’s Labour wins UK general election

Party will face a jaded electorate impatient for change against a gloomy backdrop of economic malaise, mounting distrust in institutions and a fraying social fabric.

Iran to hold runoff election with reformist Pezeshkian and hard-liner Jalili after low-turnout vote

Iran will hold a runoff presidential election pitting a little-known reformist against a hard-line former nuclear negotiator after results released Saturday showed the lowest-ever poll turnout in the Islamic Republic’s history.

Mongolia’s governing party wins only a slim majority in parliamentary election, early results show

Mongolia’s governing party won parliamentary elections Friday but by only a slim margin as the opposition made major gains, according to tallies by the party and news media based on near-complete results.

The young democracy of Mongolia begins voting for an expanded 126-seat parliament

Voters in the youthful democracy of Mongolia are electing a new parliament on Friday in the landlocked Asian democracy that is squeezed between China and Russia, two much larger authoritarian states.

Modi secures 3rd term with slashed majority for India ruling bloc

The Indian ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party was assured Tuesday of winning a majority in the general elections, local reports said, a development that secures a third term...

Sheinbaum will be the first president of Mexico after winning the elections with a...

The ruling party Claudia Sheinbaum will be the first female president of Mexico after obtaining between 58.3% and 60.7% of the votes in this Sunday's elections, according to the quick count of...

South Africans start voting in election that could see ANC lose majority

Voters are electing nine provincial legislatures and a new national parliament More than 27 million people registered to vote out of a population of roughly 62 million

India’s massive election faces heatwave challenge in penultimate phase

Next-to-last phase of voting with temperatures forecast to surge to 47° Celsius in the capital New Delhi More than 111 million people in 58 constituencies across eight...

India votes in fifth phase of election including in city where PM opened controversial...

Millions of Indians across 49 constituencies began casting ballots on Monday as the country’s six-week-long election enters its final stages with voting also being held in northern Ayodhya city, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi...