The January sales arrive to ‘challenge’ the continuous discounts and promotions

The January sales have already reached some businesses and from the 7th, after the Three Kings, they will begin in the large centers, thus linking themselves to the campaigns of constant discounts and promotions, which have put an end to the image of Crowds of people queuing to get the biggest ‘bargains’.

The traditional winter and summer sales have had the challenge of not losing strength in the face of the permanent state of discounts for twelve years, when the regulations that allowed the liberalization of commercial activity were published.

The two periods continue to be important dates for consumers, especially for some generations, according to Cesar Díaz, lawyer for the Federation of Consumers and Users-CECU, but other campaigns that are fully installed in their calendar, such as Black Friday, have made that “its intensity and prominence” be reduced.

The repeated offers of large online markets, widespread access to the Internet and the rise of second-hand stores are making it possible to buy at low prices throughout the year without having to wait for the winter and summer sales.

Responsible consumption against avalanches

All of this means that those images of long queues that the news showed are no longer seen, according to the CECU spokesperson who, without defending the restrictions on sales that existed before 2012, warns that the current situation is generating “unbridled consumerism.” and unnecessary and in turn many environmental problems.”

That is why the confederation, although they admit that sales can be a “very good opportunity to buy things” that are needed, emphasize that “responsible and critical” consumption must be exercised in the face of the “use and throw away” culture that generates large quantities of waste that are exported to third countries.”

“Buying for the sake of buying not only affects our pockets. “It is producing unnecessarily,” according to the expert, who advises those who decide to take their credit cards out these days to set a maximum budget, make a list of what they need to acquire and not resort to quick loans to buy what they need. It is not a priority.

The forecast of average expenditure

A study carried out by the Spanish Consumer Association (Asescon) predicts that those who are going to compare will spend an average of 164 euros, 21 euros less than last year.

Madrid (202 euros on average), Vizcaya (201) and Valencia (200) are the three provinces where there is a greater spending forecast by each of the consumers. The ones with the least are Albacete (120 euros), Ceuta (123) and Cáceres (124).

But beforehand, according to this report, Spaniards are not very hopeful about what they are going to find because 88% maintain that the sales “are not going to provide any additional discount” since other discounts have been advertised in previous months.

Despite this, 80% say they believe they are going to spend money, and this despite the fact that almost half are unaware of all the rights that assist them during this sales period.

Rights are not lowered

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) remembers some of them, which must be clear:

Products in the offer

The products must have been in the establishment’s offer for at least a month and must show their original price, along with the reduced price, or clearly indicate the percentage of the reduction.


The warranty and after-sales service is the same, regardless of whether the product is purchased on sale or not.

Special conditions

In the event that special conditions are established for this period (limitations on the means of payment or returns), businesses are obliged to expressly indicate this.

You are not obliged to change it

If the product is in perfect condition, the business is not obliged to change it (unless it is announced or advertised), although most do so because it is good business practice. They do not have to return the money and can also exchange it for another item or a voucher.

“Online” consumer

The “online” consumer is especially protected: they have fourteen calendar days to return their purchase if they are not satisfied.

Appliances or electronic products

If you are going to buy an appliance or some electronic product, it is advisable, to verify that the discount that is announced is such, to have the help of one of the websites or applications that have emerged such as Camelcamelcamel, Keepa, Idealo, Fluctúate or Twenga, among others.

When do sales start?

Many businesses have already put up the sign, such as Cortefiel, on whose website significant discounts have been announced for days on the brand and on others that it advertises.

Until January 5, El Corte Inglés has launched a discount campaign of up to 40% on a selection of products to mark the beginning of the new year, and it will already be on the 7th, if it follows the usual pattern, when it begins with its big discounts.

This will also be done by the Inditex group -Zara, Massimo Dutti, Lefties and Oysho-, which usually starts them online on the 6th, when the little ones fall exhausted after playing every day with the gifts that the Kings bring them.

By Mian Saeed Ahmed Khan