Pakistani envoy’s team facilitates survivors of Sharjah fire incident

Under the directions of Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, an official team of the Welfare Wing of the Consulate General, Dubai led by Community Welfare Attaché (CWA) Imran Shahid visited Al Qassimi Hospital Sharjah Friday morning to inquire about Pakistani survivors of a fire incident.
A Pakistani father and his daughter died in the fire incident on Thursday.

The team held detailed meeting with the Hospital’s management including Hamdan and Abdullah and also met the doctors treating the survivors of the tragic incident. The survivors include wife of the deceased, Fatima Imran Khan and two children Asma Imran Khan (about 9 years old) and Ahmed Imran Khan (about 6 years old).

The visiting team requested the concerned authorities in the Hospital, police, and forensics departments to expedite issuing the requisite medical reports enabling issuance of death notifications at the earliest. The family hailing from Lahore have desired to take the dead bodies to Pakistan for burial.

Zaheer, the brother in law of deceased Imran Khan and other relatives of the bereaved family were assured of full cooperation and support by the Consulate General in this difficult and testing time.

The doctors apprised that the children were likely to be discharged on Friday and will be handed over to the Child Protection Department, Sharjah which will subsequently hand them over to their relatives after fulfilling formalities in consultation with the Consulate. However, mother of the children Fatima Imran Khan was still unconscious with her carbon monoxide level getting normal but the doctors were not sure about her recovery time.

Assuring them of all required facilitation and assistance, the official team briefed the relatives of the family on relevant procedures in detail.

By Ms Shahla Bajwa