Saudi foundation launches initiatives to combat food waste

Majed Al-Hogail stressed the need for public awareness about food wastage's negative effects on the environment, economy, and society.

A raft of initiatives aimed at minimizing food waste has been launched in Saudi Arabia.

The Grace Preservation Foundation’s strategic programs were unveiled at a ceremony to coincide with recent International Day of Zero Waste celebrations in Riyadh.

The launch event was attended by Saudi Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing Majed Al-Hogail, along with senior officials and board members.

Food service companies were introduced to a quality mark to minimize food waste as well as a national charter to reduce waste.

Al-Hogail, also chairman of the foundation, highlighted the need to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of food wastage on the environment, economy, and society.

He noted the foundation’s commitment to developing innovative solutions and improving cooperation among stakeholders to promote sustainability goals.

Foundation CEO Abdullah Binsaeed pointed out the importance of cooperation between individuals and the public and private sectors in conserving food in line with Islamic principles advocating for waste reduction, moderation, food preservation, and equitable surplus distribution to those in need.

The ceremony witnessed the introduction of a national charter to reduce waste and the unveiling of a quality mark to assist food service companies — including hotels, restaurants, and wedding halls — in minimizing food waste.

Officials also launched the Grace Preservation platform and app, offering various services to associations in the food service industry and wider community.

The platform has been designed to streamline contributions to the foundation’s initiatives, supporting and empowering sustainable growth in the food preservation sector.

Through the range of programs, support will be provided to food preservation associations, while the private sector will be encouraged to adopt sustainable practices for waste reduction and work with relevant government agencies in developing national strategies to combat food waste.