Ministry of Media Launches Documentary “Horizon” on Netflix

Konoz, an initiative of the Ministry of Media’s Centre for Government Communication (CGC), has released a new documentary called “Horizon” that, in collaboration with the National Centre for Wildlife, highlights the abundance of wildlife and natural resources in the Kingdom. The documentary is currently being shown on the Netflix platform. The documentary is the latest work of the Konoz Productive, Artistic and Visual Initiative and aims to raise awareness of the Kingdom’s biodiversity, unique geographical areas, and efforts to protect wildlife, preserve rare species and introduce the world to its various treasures by showing the picturesque nature, which is full of diverse plant and animal life, and raising awareness of the richness of the Kingdom’s land. The documentary showcases a wide range of fungal organisms in their natural habitat, from the plains to the mountains and the sea to the valleys. Viewers will also spot dugongs, dolphins, the elegant Arabian leopard, deer, and oryx species. The film also gives an extraordinary look at the ecological diversity of the Kingdom, with its varied terrain and regions defined by different climates, allowing for the peaceful cohabitation of over 10,000 species of animals, each with its unique adaptations. The documentary “Horizon” takes viewers on a visual tour of five different elements—marine ecosystems, mountains, deserts, humans, and nature—before offering a peek into the potential future uses of the Kingdom’s abundant natural resources. The filming process lasted over 200 days and involved a specialised crew of 50 individuals who travelled over 4,700 km to film in 28 different locations across the Kingdom, including Riyadh, Tabuk, Taif, AlUla, Farasan Islands, and other regions. Additionally, thirteen Saudi researchers with expertise in wildlife contributed to the documentary by writing and reviewing its scientific content. The Minister of Media, Salman bin Yousef Al-Dosari, said, “Many of the secrets of wildlife in the Kingdom are presented to the world by the documentary “Horizon” in Arabic and English, produced by the Ministry of Media’s Konoz Initiative, and currently shown on Netflix.” One of the aims of the Kingdom Vision 2030 is to ensure that the Kingdom’s environmental sector is well-developed and protected. In recent years, the National Centre for Wildlife has played a key role in this effort, verifying the Kingdom’s dedication to its natural heritage and drawing attention to the beautiful and scenic resources found across the country.

Source KSA Embassy Islamabad