Hundreds of tractors march through Catalonia to block Mercabarna and the AP-7 highway

Hundreds of tractors have been on slow marches since 7 a.m. this Tuesday from various points in Catalonia with the intention of blocking the accesses to Mercabarna and the port of Tarragona, and cutting off the AP-7 on the French border.

In Girona, farmers have already cut the N-II in Bàscara and there is a concentration of tractors in Orriols, and in Barcelona tractors are circulating on the A-2 highway near El Bruc and between Castelbisbal and Sant Andreu de la Barca, towards the Catalan capital.

In Tarragona, tractors circulate from El Vendrell, La Bisbal del Penedès and Rodenyà towards Valls, and on the AP-7 there is a slow march on the AP-7 highway between Camarles and L’Ampolla, towards Tarragona, according to Servei Català de Trànsit.

Retentions at different road points

These marches, together with the intensity of traffic at rush hour, are causing delays at different road points in Catalonia, such as the AP-7, the B-23, the C-59, the C-17 or the C-58.

After several days of mobilizations and road closures throughout Catalonia, the mobilizations will continue on February 21, with a concentration of the sector in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, in Madrid.

Farmers demand support for the excessive costs and the effects of the drought, strategic plans of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) adapted to the Mediterranean reality and ending unfair competition from products imported from outside the EU, in addition to demanding an end with abuses in the food chain and with excess bureaucracy and prices at source above costs.

BY: Usmana Kousar