Vietjet Aviation Academy Joins IATA Network

With a full suite of aviation training courses and excellent facilities the Vietjet Aviation Academy will be an effective partner for IATA in Asia.


  •  Boeing forecasts a worldwide need for 2.111 million pilots, technicians, and cabin crew between 2022-2041, with Asia-Pacific requiring 840,000 of these roles.
  •  Vietjet Aviation Academy (VAA) is leading the way in aviation training, offering courses for various roles in commercial aviation and becoming the IATA’s latest Regional Training Partner in Vietnam.
  •  The VAA provides state-of-the-art training technology, internationally recognized courses, and modern training equipment to create a positive learning environment for trainees and prepare them for successful aviation careers

In its 2022 Pilot and Technician Outlook, Boeing forecasted that the world needs to find 2.111 million new pilots, technicians and cabin crew between 2022-2041. In Asia-Pacific, including China, Boeing put that number at 840,000, comprising 244,000 pilots, 250,000 technicians and 346,000 cabin crew.

Vietjet shows how to do aviation training

Finding suitable candidates for those roles is one thing, but having the resources and skilled instructors to train and mentor them is another ball game. One thing the pandemic has shown is that nations and organizations need to, as far as possible, secure their own supply chains and training facilities so they have the pool of skilled staff to keep growing.

Aviation is already facing these challenges with shortages of pilots, technicians and cabin crews, and more airlines will need to follow in the footsteps of Vietjet, which founded the Veitjet Aviation Academy over a decade ago. The Vietjet Aviation Academy (VAA) trains staff for almost every role in commercial aviation, including roles as flight crew, cabin crew, aircraft maintenance technician, flight dispatcher, ground operations and commercial personnel.
Last week, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Vietjet Air signed a training agreement appointing the VAA as IATA’s latest Regional Training Partner in Vietnam. As an IATA Regional Training Partner (RTP), the academy will offer IATA Training courses that are “internationally recognized and regularly updated to stay ahead of the latest regulations, new standards and the rapidly changing needs of the aviation industry.”

Vietjet Vice President cum Chairman of Vietjet Aviation Academy Luong The Phuc said that human resources are always the focus of Vietjet’s development plans and the aviation industry in general.
The academy has an exciting array of the latest aviation training technology that is used by the staff of more than 250 professional and experienced instructors. For example, the flight crew training utilizes CAE 7000XR Level D full flight simulators and Airbus APT A320 Procedures Cockpit Trainers.

Airline ready crews

Vietjet offers attractive opportunities for cadet pilots to join the airline and progress from ab initio training through to the Airline Transport Pilot Licence level and an A320 first officer role at Vietjet. Cadets start with a preparatory 45-day course at the academy before heading off to flight school in Australia, New Zealand, the United States or the Czech Republic, which takes around 12-14 months.

By Mian Saeed Ahmed khan