UNGA adopts Pak-backed resolution declaring Jan 26 as clean energy day

 The UN General Assembly has adopted a Panamanian resolution, co-sponsored by Pakistan, proclaiming January 26 as the International Day of Clean Energy.

The text, which was adopted without a vote, underlined the 193-member Assembly’s commitment to protecting the environment.

January 26 will become a platform to drive the adoption of policies and practices to promote awareness on the sustainable use of energy resources and to strengthen collaboration and cooperation to promote the global energy transition.

Introducing the draft, Panamanian delegate Markova Concepcion Jaramillo said that transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources was essential to face current environmental and socioeconomic challenges and guarantee human survival and well-being on the planet”

The US. representative said her delegation joined the consensus, as the energy sector accounts for over two-thirds of global emissions.

The French representative, speaking on behalf of the European Union, voiced regret, however, that the resolution does not adequately reflect the indisputable link between energy and climate, and that it contains reference to “cleaner fossil fuel energies”.