The slowest Gordo in history, 88,008, distributes millions especially in Madrid, Jaén and Écija (Seville)

 The latest Gordo in the history of the Christmas Lottery draw, 88,008, has brought joy to many places in Spain because it has been widely distributed, although it is mainly celebrated in Madrid, Jaén and Écija , where almost half of the series in the issue have been recorded.

88,008 waited until 1:16 p.m. to appear on the Teatro Real stage, making it the longest Gordo since there were records in 1993, since until now the record was held by the one from 2014, which came out exactly at one in the afternoon.

At that time a rain of millions arrived at administration 205 in Madrid, at number 119 Avenida de Monforte de Lemos. Rocío Arias, a novice lottery woman who has only been selling tenths since September, has distributed some 200 million of the 88,008, a combination that, although a winner, she has described as “ugly.”

She has sold 50 series in the administration she runs and the award for her is very special because, as she said, her husband also died in September. “She has reached heaven, she has touched the doors and brought us El Gordo,” the lottery girl commented.

In the Community of Madrid this festival of chance is also enjoyed, since the number was posted in other offices, although in a less significant way. If they had all been sold in total, 226 million would have fallen on the community.

Jaén has been another of the lucky ones. Administration number 6 has sold twenty series (80 million euros) that have gone entirely to the members of the Lola Torres Choir and Dance Association.

Also in Écija (Seville) fifteen series have been sold and ten in Vilamarxant (Valencia). The owners of administration number 1 of this last town have been doubly rewarded, by distributing 40 million of the Gordo, of which they and their relatives also have “four or five tenths.”

Second prize

AA Coruña has received 130 series (162.5 million euros), specifically to administration number 7, ‘El Filón de Oro’, which has sold the majority to the Gatocán and housewives associations.

Administration number 1 of O Grove (Pontevedra) has also put 45 series on sale, worth 56.2 million euros.

Third award

The Alicante municipality of Biar has been awarded the entire third prize, number 31,938, which will bring in 92.5 million euros. Administration number 1, located at number 23 Barrera Street, has sold all of the 185 series of this number.

The PP group, with 200 tenths, and an association of the Three Wise Men from the neighboring town of La Cañada, with 200, have distributed 35 million of the 92.5.

Two fourth prizes

Nineteen series of the second of the fourth prizes, number 41,147, have been consigned in Peñaranda de Bracamonte, in Salamanca, some 3.8 million euros.

Another administration of the Las Arenas shopping center in Barcelona has sold some tenths of four of the eight fifths. Its owner trusts all his luck, according to what he said this morning, to a magic stone that he has in the premises and that today has responded fully.

Another of the fifths, number 92,023, has been sold by a religious order to residents of Pego (Alicante). A total of 600,000 euros in small shares: 800 tickets where 2.40 euros each were played, so each ticket will receive 720 euros.

There is some administration, such as the one at Puerta del Sol in the center of Vigo, a few meters from the city’s Christmas tree, which has dispatched tenths of three fifth prizes, 88,979, 01,568 and 86,007. Five tenths of one, two of another and it is pending to know how many he had of the third.

88,979 has also been sold by a gift shop in Benidorm (Alicante) with a lottery terminal. He sold a tenth the same day that the ‘thieves’ entered during the night to steal. One of the owners said this morning that she had experienced a roller coaster of emotions in just a few minutes.

By Mian Saeed Ahmed Khan