The second Defense plane lands in Madrid, repatriating 149 Spaniards

The second of the two flights chartered by the Ministry of Defense to repatriate Spaniards from Tel Aviv has landed in Madrid tonight with 149 Spaniards on board, along with 15 EU citizens, 36 Ibero-Americans and 20 from third countries.

The plane arrived at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base at 9:54 p.m., where it was received by the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, as sources from his department have informed EFE.

Among the European citizens who were traveling on this plane there are four from Bulgaria, three from Hungary, two from Germany, two from Romania and one from Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Portugal.

Twelve nationals from Bolivia were also traveling, four from Chile and Ecuador, three from Costa Rica and Honduras, two from Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela and one from Argentina and another from Mexico.

Seven citizens of Israel, seven others from Switzerland, two from the United Kingdom and one from Andorra, the United States, Turkey and China completed the passage.

This plane joins a first flight that landed last morning at the same air base with 209 people on board, the majority – 185 – Spanish citizens.

According to Foreign Affairs, the majority of the evacuated foreigners are relatives of Spaniards or residents in Spain, although residents of other countries have also traveled on the second plane and have been included in the flight at the request of the authorities of their countries.