The perfect days of Wim Wenders and an adventure with Miguel Herrán, on the billboard

‘Perfect days’, the new film by Wim Wenders, shot in Japan, and ‘Valley of shadows’, a story of survival and redemption in the Himalayas starring Miguel Herrán lead the billboard of releases this weekend of week.

‘Perfect days’, Wim Wenders and the beauty of small things

The director of cult films from the 80s such as ‘Paris, Texas’ and ‘The Sky Over Berlin’ has filmed his new feature film in Japan, ‘Perfect Days’, an ode to the beauty of small things, which revolves around the simple life of a public toilet cleaner in Tokyo.

The Kinks, Van Morrison, Patti Smith and of course Lou Reed are part of the soundtrack of the film, which won the Best Male Performance Award at Cannes for Kôji Yakusho and the Ecumenical Jury Prize.

Miguel Herrán enters the Himalayas in ‘Valley of Shadows’

After winning four Goya awards with ‘Adú’, a story about sub-Saharan immigration, Madrid director Salvador Calvo travels to India in ‘Valley of Shadows’, a story of survival in the Himalayas starring Miguel Herrán and Susana Abaitua.

Quique, Clara and little Lucas enjoy their first vacation together in northern India. One night, sleeping outdoors during a storm, they suffer a brutal attack by bandits that will change everything.

Jason Statham in action in ‘Beekeeper’

Jason Statham is the protagonist of the new action thriller from David Ayer, the director of ‘Suicide Squad’ and plays a retired agent who strikes out independently after discovering a conspiracy at the highest levels of the government.

Josh Hutcherson (‘The Hunger Games’) and Jeremy Irons complete the cast.

‘Mean Girls’, Tina Fey’s high school comedy returns

It was one of the cinematographic phenomena of two decades ago, which gave high school comedy an acidic touch little explored until then. Tina Fey, screenwriter and producer, now recovers the story of ‘Mean Girls’ with a new cast.

Angourie Rice (Cady), Renée Rapp (Regina) and Avantika (Karen) take over from Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried, from the original. Fey, who played the rookie Professor Norbury, is now the director of the institute. Jon Hamm also joins the cast alongside Ashley Park.

Bellocchio shoots against the Vatican in the thriller ‘The Abduction’

The veteran Italian director Marco Bellochio, 84, tells in ‘The Abduction’ the true story of a Jewish boy kidnapped by Vatican soldiers during the pontificate of Pius IX, in 1858, and his family’s fight to get him back.

Filmmaker expert in shooting against all institutions – the Church in ‘In the Name of the Father’ (1971), politicians in ‘Good Morning, Night’ (2003) or the army in ‘Triumphal March’ (1976) -, with ‘ El rapto’ debuted at Cannes and won the award for best script at the Seminci in Valladolid.

Maite Alberdi fights for the Oscar with ‘Infinite Memory’

After her Oscar nomination for best documentary in 2020 for ‘The Mole Agent’, Chilean Maite Alberdi has managed to enter the first selection of 15 titles that will compete this year for that statuette with her new film, ‘Infinite Memory’.

It is a love story that is at the same time the portrait of a country marked by the dictatorship and documents the relationship, over more than two decades, between the journalist Augusto Góngora and the Chilean actress and former Minister of Culture Paulina Urrutia and how they live with Góngora’s Alzheimer’s.

A drama about heartbreak with Javier Gutiérrez and Nathalie Poza

Javier Gutiérrez and Nathalie Poza are a broken couple in ‘Honeymoon’, the second feature film by Galician filmmaker Enrique Otero, which portrays a love story in reverse, from failure to reconciliation.

An unexpected circumstance leads them to undertake a geographical and emotional journey in order to raise money to remedy a situation that has changed their lives.

A sitcom with Goya Toledo, Pastora Vega and Lolita

‘Palacio estilistas’ is Moisés Martín’s debut film, a comedy with a choral cast in which names such as Goya Toledo, Pastora Vega, Carlos Hipólito and Lolita Flores stand out.

The plot begins when Juana (Toledo), tired of working as a hairdresser, discovers the crime of some clients and decides to blackmail them. But they have other plans, which include a wedding to avoid the blame and blame the groom.

‘Thabo and the case of the rhinoceros’, family adventure comedy

Directed by Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt, this family adventure comedy comes preceded by a great box office success in Germany and tells the story of improvement of Thabo, a boy who longs, above all, to become a private detective, like the heroes of the films he is passionate about.

The case of a rhino murder in a small village in Swaziland will be a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga