The Ministry of Interior organizes an awareness session on “The Culture of Citizens’ Dealing with Invasive Pests”

The Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Councils in the Office of Citizens and Community Affairs at the Presidential Office, organized an awareness session at the Council of His Excellency Salem bin Luti Al Ameri in Al Ain City, presented by Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Mohammed Al Hammadi and Lamia Ahmed Al Zaabi, entitled “The Culture of Citizens’ Interaction with… Invasive pests,” in the presence of a group of families and interested parties.

The Chairman of the Council, His Excellency Salem bin Loti, praised the efforts made by the concerned authorities to educate citizens, find solutions to their problems, and work to enhance the culture of social responsibility among members of society in all fields, praising the state’s efforts in confronting the invasive pests that threaten family cohesion and society.

In his lecture, Colonel Al Hammadi discussed the phenomenon of electronic promotion and how to confront messages that arrive from outside the country, stressing the need to protect members of society from falling into the clutches of drugs.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Hammadi stressed the need to be alert and not to respond or deal with messages received from outside the country from unknown persons and the necessity of reporting them by calling the numbers designated for these reports.

For her part, Al Zaabi reviewed the common and wrong beliefs about narcotic substances and psychotropic substances, and the role of parents in protecting their children from narcotic substances, and called for increasing family control and raising the level of culture and awareness among children and the younger generation in particular. She also reviewed the federal law regarding combating narcotic substances.

The lecture included participation and interaction by the audience about the phenomenon of introduced pests.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga