The Indonesian Embassy in Bucharest Serves Indonesian Culinary in the “Taste of South East Asia”

Taste of South East Asia
Taste of South East Asia

Bucharest, Romania – The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bucharest in collaboration with Umami Brunch organized Indonesian Culinary Promotion in the Taste of South East Asia (16/7). 

In accordance with the theme, this event focused on introducing some of Indonesian dishes and spices to the Romanian people, and Representatives of Foreign Missions in Bucharest.

This activity has its own uniqueness because most of the dishes are cooked by Romanians, who have taken culinary tours and attended several cooking classes in Bali, Indonesia.

The menu of dishes served includes Sate lilit, Rendang, Gado-gado, Tempe oreg, Nasi Tumpeng, Sambal Matah, and Risoles. The visitors also get the recipes so they can cook it themselves at home.

The visitors were also served Gayo, Ijen, Kintamani, Bajawa and Luwak coffee from Indonesia. The coffee is supported by the Blue Phoenix company, owned by an Indonesian businessman based in Romania.

Apart from serving Indonesian food and drinks, the visitors were also entertained by a traditional Indonesian dance performance by one of the Indonesian Embassy staff.

In accordance with its objectives, this activity is also a form of realization of the Indonesian Embassy in Bucharest’s support for the Indonesia Spice Up the World Program which has been launched by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

A number of positive comments were also received from visitors, due to the unique taste and experience of Indonesian cuisine which was supported by coffee and traditional Indonesian dance performance.

Through this activity, it is hoped that Romanian people will get to know more about Indonesian food and spices, and invite visitors who are still curious about Indonesian cuisine to immediately go on a culinary tour to Indonesia.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga