The bodies of three elderly brothers with signs of violence are found in Morata de Tajuña (Madrid)

The security forces found this Thursday the bodies of three elderly brothers with signs of violence in their home in the Madrid town of Morata de Tajuña, as reported by the Civil Guard.

Municipal sources have told EFE that the bodies located inside the house correspond to two women and a man between 70 and 80 years old.

It was the neighbors who raised the alarm to the mayor, warning him that they had not seen these brothers for several weeks, which seemed strange to them.

For this reason, the local Police have appeared together with the Civil Guard and have found the bodies of the man (the oldest of the three) and the two women, who had been residing for many years in a low house on Príncipes de España Avenue in the location.

Homicide agents from the Civil Guard have taken charge of the investigation.

It is being investigated whether they were murdered for debt

The Civil Guard is investigating whether the victims could have been murdered in a settling of scores for the debts they had contracted with some acquaintances.

Sources close to the investigation have indicated to EFE that this is one of the hypotheses with which the Homicide agents of the Civil Guard who have taken charge of the investigations into these deaths are already working and who are already collecting evidence to clarify what happened in the home.

At around 11:30 a.m., the Arganda del Rey Judicial Police of the Civil Guard found the three bodies partially burned, stacked and with traces of blood, according to what sources consulted have added to EFE.

The three brothers had asked for loans from acquaintances with the intention of replacing what was borrowed once they received an inheritance, so the agents are investigating whether the deaths respond to a settling of accounts for the debts incurred.

Morata de Tajuña mourns the three murdered brothers

The residents of the Madrid municipality of Morata de Tajuña were surprised this Thursday with the discovery of the bodies of three brothers, much loved in the town, for whom the town has already called three days of official mourning and a minute of silence for tomorrow.

“Surely it will be responded to by many neighbors who were fond of them and who right now are, well, with a loose tear,” the mayor of the town, Fernando Villalaín, stated, in statements to the media, about this appointment called for tomorrow at 12 hours.

By Ch Fahad Khan Janda