Syria warns that US bombings “will fuel the conflict in a very dangerous way”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry warned today that the United States bombings against pro-Iranian militia positions in Syria and Iraq in response to the death of three of its soldiers in Jordan “will fuel the conflict in the Middle East of very dangerous way.”

“What they committed will fuel the conflict in the Middle East in a very dangerous way,” said the Damascus Foreign Ministry in a statement carried by the Syrian state news agency SANA, in which it also described these bombings against eastern Syria as “a violation of the sovereignty” of the Arab country.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense denounced this Saturday that the United States bombings last night against several positions of pro-Iran groups in eastern Syria caused the death of “a number of civilians and soldiers”, as well as “significant damage.”

The Syrian department said in a statement that “US occupation forces launched blatant air aggression” against several points in eastern Syria, which “caused the death of a number of civilians and soldiers” and caused “significant damage to property.” public and private.”

The Ministry of Defense in Damascus described these bombings as “unjustified” and warned that “the occupation by US forces of part of Syrian territory cannot continue,” in reference to the US troops established in eastern Syria in the framework of the international anti-jihadist coalition.

The United States operation

This morning Washington announced bombings of more than 85 targets and facilities linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria and Iraq, “the beginning” of its response to an attack that last Sunday caused the death of three American soldiers in Jordan.

In Syria, the airstrikes were concentrated in the Al Mayadin area, considered the ‘Iranian capital’ in the country, as well as in the Al Bukamal district, bordering Iraq and an important supply route for pro-Iranian militias allied with the Government. Sirius.

In total, the bombings spread over a strip of about 130 kilometers and resulted in the destruction of 26 “important” targets belonging to groups supported by Tehran, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The NGO, based in the United Kingdom and a wide network of collaborators on the ground, assured that at least 18 militiamen died at night.

US President Joe Biden has already warned that this is only the beginning of the response to the death of his three soldiers, and that this “will continue at a time and in places of our choosing.”

Borrell: we must prevent the situation from becoming “explosive”

For his part, the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, said this Saturday that “we must prevent” the situation in the Middle East from becoming “explosive”, after the United States attacks on Iraq and Syria. and the Israelis in Rafah, south of Gaza.

“Everyone should try to prevent the situation in the region from becoming explosive,” Borrell said in statements to the press, upon his arrival at the informal meeting held today in Brussels by EU foreign ministers.

The head of European diplomacy pointed out that the Middle East is “a pot that can explode”, with attacks on the border between Israel and Lebanon, as well as in Syria, Iraq or the Red Sea, intensified since the war in Gaza began last year. October 7.

Borrell said that all these attacks are related to each other, causing a “domino effect,” so he asked “everyone to try to avoid an escalation.”