SUMMARY 2023-PEOPLE | From Rosalía to Taylor Swift, a 2023 of breakups, births and persevering octogenarians

The breakup of Rosalía and Raw Alejandro, Shakira’s response to Gérard Piqué with her music after their separation, Ricky Martin’s divorce, Taylor Swift’s courtship or the 80th birthday of Mick Jagger, Julio Iglesias or Serrat, were some of the news that marked the news in the tabloid press in 2023.

A barrage of breakups

After two years of relationship, with an engagement ring and announced wedding, the breakup of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro caught everyone by surprise and caused a duel of hints at the Latin Grammys, the first public event in which the two artists coincided. 

But Cupid has touched Rosalía’s heart again. Images published in American media suggest that her new dream is actor Jeremy Allen White (‘The Bear’). 

The year also saw changes for Taylor Swift, who broke up with British singer Matt Healy to begin a relationship with American football player Travis Kelce shortly after.

Another sentimental roller coaster was the one experienced by the Spanish singer Aitana, who suffered two breakups: the first with the actor Miguel Bernardeau (‘Elite’) and the second with the Colombian Sebastián Yatra. 

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef also stopped being a couple in 2023, six years after saying ‘I do’ and with two children together, and Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari, who only lasted a year married.

The relationship between Brazilian soccer player Neymar and model Bruna Biancardi was brief, breaking up just a month after the birth of their first daughter.

Difficult year for Shakira and Alejandro Sanz

After separating from Piqué, Shakira focused on music in 2023. A year in which she came in strong with the release of her collaboration with Bizarrap, ‘Bzrp Music Session # 53’, in which she took aim at the former soccer player and father of her two children, Milan and Sash . 

The artist, now settled in Miami (USA), also went through bitter moments due to her problems with the Spanish Treasury, resolved in extremis by agreeing to pay a fine of 7.8 million euros to avoid jail.

The year was also difficult for the singer Alejandro Sanz, who after his separation from the Cuban artist Raquel Valdés, revolutionized the networks with a message: “I’m not well. I don’t know if this helps, but I want to say it. I am sad and tired (…) Sometimes I don’t even want to be there.”

2023 began more romantically for Tamara Falcó, daughter of Isabel Preysler and one of the best-known faces in gossip magazines. She premiered it with a reconciliation with her fiancé Íñigo Onieva, whom she married in July at a wedding with more than 300 guests.

baby boom 

Another of the characters of the year has been the actress and businesswoman Ana García Obregón, 68, who regained her will to live, thanks to her daughter-granddaughter, Ana Sandra, who was born on March 20 in the United States, through surrogacy. , with genetics from his late son, Aless Lequio.

Also through surrogacy, Paris Hilton, 42, had two children; Rhianna gave birth to her second child; The actor Jude Law and the salsa singer Marc Anthony each had their seventh child and Bertín Osborne is expecting the sixth of a brief and controversial relationship, so much so that the Spanish singer described the pregnancy as an “accident.”

The Colombian singer Maluma is happy with his upcoming fatherhood with his partner Susana Gómez.

The 80s of Jagger, Iglesias, Serrat… 

And while some are born, others are turning years old, many, as many as 80. 

In May it was Raphael’s turn, who can boast of wearing more than 60 on stage.

Also in the gap is Mick Jagger, who fulfilled them in July and demonstrates in each performance an energy that surpasses that of many twenty-somethings, as does his Rolling Stones partner, Keith Richard, who will blow out the candles on Monday the 18th.  

Julio Iglesias joined the octogenarians club in September and Joan Manuel Serrat will do so shortly (December 27).

And from the world of acting, Robert de Niro continues to give acting lessons at the age of 80, turning in August, a figure that Mathew Perry will not reach, who died in October at only 54 years old, leaving his legendary Chandler as ‘Friends’ to remember him. 

A 2023 in which Tina Turner, Ryan O’Neal, Raquel Welch, Gina Lollobrigida, Concha Velasco, Carmen Sevilla, María Jiménez, Antonio Gala, Shane MacGowan, Lisa-Marie Presley, Cecilia Priego, Cecilia Pantoja Levi, Francisco also left us Ibáñez or Paco Rabbane.

By Usmana Kousar