Scientific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage’ Starts in Jeddah

The Heritage Commission started here today “Scientific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage”, which is slated to discuss research projects and highlight the features of underwater cultural heritage. CEO of the Heritage Commission of the Ministry of Culture Dr. Jasser Al-Harbash and researchers, experts and people interested in archeology and heritage from 14 countries take part in the conference. Al-Harbash said that the commission is holding the conference due to its belief in the importance of preserving the underwater cultural heritage, which cannot be separated from the national culture and heritage, and which contributes to shaping the history of peoples and nations, and reflects historical relations the Kingdom had with ancient civilizations. He commended the efforts of a number of experts and specialists in the fields of underwater cultural heritage, the research teams that participated in an archaeological survey of the depths of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, and representatives from national and international scientific research centers and commissions.

by TTU

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