SAPM Malik, EU Ambassador join efforts to strengthen Pak-EU relations

He stated that Pakistan receives a distinct incentive through the EU’s GSP+ program to encourage sustainable development and good governance. A committed effort is underway to formulate a sturdy and lasting solution to tackle the challenges faced by Overseas Pakistanis in the EU.
Jawad Sohrab, has been designated as the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Overseas Pakistanis in the interim cabinet led by Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar.
Using his charitable arm, the Sohrab Foundation, Jawad Malik assists the most vulnerable parts of society. He was honored by the Pakistan Army for his relief contributions, earning national recognition.
Since the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) coalition took control after Imran Khan’s vote of no-confidence, Jawad Sohrab has worked alongside PM Sharif’s cabinet on various assignments. He’s been appointed as SAPM to enhance government governance, entrusted with key responsibilities related to government operations and special tasks designated by the PM.
Jawad Sohrab Malik comes from a prominent and respected business and political family in Pakistan, based in Islamabad. He is the nephew of Mohammed Mian Soomro, who has held positions such as Governor of Sindh, Chairman of the Senate, Prime Minister, President of Pakistan, and Minister for Privatisation. Jawad Sohrab is also the grandson of the former Nazima of Jacobabad, Begum Saeeda Soomro. His mother, Maliha Malik, wields political influence in Jacobabad.
Jawad Sohrab Malik completed his legal studies in London, obtaining a law degree from the University of Cardiff. Following his education, he dedicated himself to his businesses, working to modernize and innovate. He has effectively overseen a thriving business presence spanning London, Pakistan, and Dubai.
Jawad Sohrab Malik’s business ventures cover real estate, trading, and technology, among other areas. He splits his time between London and Islamabad, having established valuable international connections with American Congress members, British parliamentarians, global business leaders, Gulf royals, and political parties in Pakistan. He earned praise as a pandemic hero during Pakistan’s Covid lockdown.
On August 15, 2016, Fahad Malik, Jawad’s brother and a British-Pakistani lawyer, was tragically murdered by a gang of criminals in the Shalimar area of Islamabad’s F-10/3 police station.
Jawad Sohrab Malik spearheaded the quest for justice following the tragic loss of his brother, Barrister Fahad Malik. The London-educated lawyer was brutally murdered in August 2016 by a notorious gang involved in land grabbing in Islamabad. Despite numerous challenges and threats from powerful mafia groups, Jawad Sohrab fearlessly championed his brother’s cause for justice. His efforts led to discussions about the murder in the UK Parliament and the influential UK Home Affairs Parliamentary Committee. The UK Home Secretary addressed the killing and called for justice on behalf of the family. Ultimately, all the perpetrators were sentenced to life imprisonment.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga