Russia attacks Kharkiv with Iskander missiles while Europe turns to Ukraine in Granada

While leaders from countries across Europe reaffirmed in Granada their commitment to continue helping Ukraine with weapons and money, the Russian Army has attacked the center of the Ukrainian city of Kharkov and its surroundings with high-precision Iskander missiles , in one of the deadliest bombing raids of the entire war.

Many Ukrainians interpret these actions as punishment for the support their country is garnering on the European stage.

The first of the attacks occurred on Thursday afternoon, when the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, met with the main leaders of the continent at the summit of the European Political Community being held in Spain.

A total of 51 people died in the village of Groza in the Kharkiv region when a high-precision rocket hit a residential area, and the death toll could still rise due to the severity of some injuries.

“Deliberate” and “Exemplary”

Zelensky denounced the attack as “deliberate” and “exemplary,” and promised retaliation against the Russian Federation.

According to the Ukrainian president, the victims – including a 6-year-old boy – were participating in an Orthodox memorial for someone who died at the time of impact.

“Who can fire a missile at them? Who? Only those who represent absolute evil,” said Zelensky in his speech last night to the nation, in which he insisted that only with the weapons that the leaders of Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Germany agreed to send yesterday in Granada. These types of actions can be put to an end.

“There are no words or documents that can stop this evil,” he stressed.

More missiles against the center of Kharkiv

The terror against the Kharkiv region, mostly Russian-speaking and bordering the Russian Federation, continued during Friday morning, with another attack that left two dead, a grandmother and her grandson.

Two more Iskander missiles have hit and destroyed several buildings in two different areas of the provincial capital, Ukraine’s second largest city.

Among the rubble of one of the demolished buildings, rescue teams have found the lifeless body of a 10-year-old boy, who joins the more than 500 minors killed in Russian attacks since the beginning of the invasion in February of the year. past.

Hours later, the body of a woman was located, who turned out to be the minor’s grandmother.

In addition, 28 people have been injured, including an 11-month-old baby.

The Ukrainian president, who has also condemned this attack, has insisted that those responsible for “Russian terror” must pay for their actions.

Russian drones against a Ukrainian Danube port

In Odessa, kamikaze drones destroyed nine trucks and a granary last night in a Ukrainian port on the Danube, in the Izmail district, bordering Romania.

This is a new Russian attack against Ukrainian agricultural exports, as reported this Friday by the head of the Military Administration of the Odessa region, Oleg Kiper.

“The anti-aircraft alarm lasted for three and a half hours in the Odessa region due to the attack by Russian terrorists with attack drones,” Kiper wrote on his Telegram account, where he explained that Ukrainian air defenses shot down three of the kamikaze drones. Shahed launched by Russia.

Kiper added that the target of the attack was “port infrastructure in the Izmail district,” located in the southern region of Odessa.

The attack has forced the suspension of the ferry service connecting the Izamí district with the Romanian bank of the Danube.

Russia drops aerial bombs daily on the Black Sea corridor opened by the Ukrainian Navy to allow exports of raw materials in defiance of the naval blockade declared by Moscow.

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