Princess Leonor swears the flag in the presence of the kings

Princess Leonor will swear in the flag this Saturday in the Parade Ground of the General Military Academy (AGM) of Zaragoza along with the 410 newly admitted cadets in an act presided over by the kings.

The swearing-in of the Princess of Asturias takes place 38 years after the one carried out by her father, the then Prince Felipe, also in Zaragoza, although with the difference that the current head of State did it alone and his eldest daughter will do so. do together with their classmates from the first year of “La General”.

The event will begin at noon with the formation of the cadet battalions and the honoring of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia upon their arrival at the academy, where they will be accompanied by the acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles.

Dressed in a period uniform of a blue jacket, red pants and a red feather hat, Leonor de Borbón will be the first of her class to parade before the flag and kiss it, followed by the rest of her fellow cadets.

By honoring the flag with all her classmates, instead of taking an oath alone, the aim is to “give maximum normality” and reaffirm the idea that cadet Borbón Ortiz is one more, as Robles commented during the visit that made to the AGM last Monday.

The young soldiers will swear on the flag of the academy where Army officers are trained, made in 1886 by order of Queen María Cristina of Habsburg, widow of Alfonso XII.

Speech by Felipe V1

The swearing in of the flag is considered the most symbolic moment of the military career and involves formalizing the commitment of the future head of the Armed Forces to the defense of Spain.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Felipe VI will give a speech in which he is expected to make some reference to his daughter, whom he accompanied, along with the queen, as she entered the AGM on August 17.

Infanta Sofía will not attend the event because she is at the boarding school in Wales (United Kingdom) where she has been studying high school since the end of August.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga