Prime Minister announces Thailand’s ambition to combat climate change along with global community

 Prime Minister, delivered a statement at the Climate Ambition Summit 2023 at the UN Headquarters, New York, held during the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Prime Minister announced Thailand’s aspirations to carry out the UN Secretary General’s agenda forward by working in partnership with stakeholders and the international community. Noting that Thailand’s pledge at the UNFCC COP 26 has transformed into concrete action through the National Energy Plan which focuses on energy efficiency, making a shift in the transport sector and increasing domestic electric vehicles production, Prime Minister pledged to take further actions through plans to increase the share of renewable energy, support the usage of solar rooftop and net-metering, to adapt to sustainable agronomy, to promote Green Finance Mechanism through the issuance of Sustainability Bond, and pass the Climate Change Act to regulate mandatory greenhouse gas emission. These will ensure that all entities are incentivized as Thailand achieves sustainability for the people.

The Climate Ambition Summit was organized by the UN Secretary-General to encourage government leaders, the private and financial sectors, as well as civil society to present ambitious and concrete actions to achieve the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal under the Paris Agreement and bring about climate justice. This reflects Thailand’s continued commitment to international cooperation to tackle climate change.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga