Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN:

Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on the acts of sabotage at the Nord Stream pipeline (September 2022)

It has been a year since the sabotage in the Baltic Sea and almost as much since the Security Council convened on this issue for the first time. During that time, we have heard numerous assertions that national investigations by Germany, Denmark, and Sweden would allow to identify the perpetrators very soon. However there have been no results so far despite the seven UNSC meeting in both open and closed formats.

More and more evidence is emerging in the expert community that it is Washington who stood behind the disruption of the Nord Stream pipeline and went ahead with this outrageous criminal act guided by a narrowly self-interested desire to consolidate its dominance in Europe, which is in dire need of Russian energy.

In November, General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia submitted requests to competent German, Danish, and Swedish authorities to provide legal aid and establish joint investigative taskforce. We received but formal replies.

Some Western delegations on the Council, unable to cope with their emotions, directly pointed out at our meetings that the disruption of Nord Stream had been a response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Such candid confessions would have allowed even a novice investigator to conclude this case without much trouble. But since Germany, Denmark and Sweden have been ordered to fence off the complicity of their overseas “big brother”, their investigators have their hands tied and eyes closed.

Our country will continue to seek an objective & thorough establishment of all the circumstances of the incident, with the obligatory involvement of Russian investigative bodies & interested parties, as well as bringing to justice all those who ordered & perpetrated the sabotage. To that end, we will use all means available, including in the Security Council.
Source Rusia Embassy Islamabad