Pakistan Food, Culture Week celebrated in Tianjin, China

Pakistan Food and Culture Week celebrated in Tianjin, China, was a captivating journey into the heart of Pakistan’s culinary heritage and cultural tapestry, offering attendees a unique opportunity to savor the delicious cuisine and experience the warmth of Pakistani people’s hospitality.

Addressing an opening ceremony on August 11, Aslam Chaudhary, Economic Minister at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing said that the Pakistan Food and Culture Week was not just about culinary and cultural exchanges; it also played a role in fostering diplomatic relations and strengthening people-to-people bonds between Pakistan and China.

He further said that the event provided a platform for cultural diplomacy, promoting understanding and friendship between the two nations.

It allowed the people of Binhai, Tianjian, to experience a slice of Pakistani culture and traditions firsthand, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a deeper appreciation for the country’s rich heritage.

Umer Farooq, a Pakistani student in Tianjin University, told China Economic Net that the Pakistan Food and Culture Week also provided a platform for visitors to delve into the country’s rich cultural heritage beyond the culinary extravaganza.

“Traditional music and dance performances enthralled audiences, giving them a glimpse into the rhythm and spirit of Pakistan. Intricate handicrafts, textiles, and artifacts were on display, offering a window into the artistic traditions passed down through generations,” he added.

Pakistani students and businessmen said that the celebration of Pakistan Food and Culture Week is a prime example of how food and culture can bridge gaps and unite people. By showcasing the diverse flavors, artistry, and traditions of Pakistan, the event not only delighted the taste buds but also promoted cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

By Ghulam Dastgeer