Muslim Council of Elders denounces attacks on Churches in Jaranwala

Under the guidance of the esteemed Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Muslim Council of Elders on Friday vehemently denounced the recent assault on religious harmony in the wake of the Jaranwala incident.

According to a statement received here, extremists who defiled copies of the Holy Quran and initiated an unfortunate series of events have drawn sharp condemnation from the Council. The subsequent retaliatory strikes on multiple churches in Jaranwala, Pakistan, executed by yet another faction of extremists, have further intensified concerns.

Muslim Council of Elders Secretary-General, Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam, expressed strong dissent against such reprehensible actions.

He affirmed that these criminal deeds stand in stark contradiction to the values upheld by divine religions, laws, and human ethics.

“The core principles of mutual respect and refraining from targeting places of worship are shared across these teachings. The Holy Quran’s teachings are unambiguous in their emphasis on safeguarding places of worship and abstaining from any form of aggression directed towards them,” he added.

In an urgent appeal, the Muslim Council of Elders called upon leaders on both sides to promptly address the discord that has arisen.

“Countering hate speech with dialogue, promoting tolerance, nurturing coexistence, and fostering human fraternity are highlighted as the means to bridge the divide,” he maintained.

As Pakistan faces this critical juncture, the Council invoked the blessings of Allah Almighty to shield the nation and its
people from all adversity and harm.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga