King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, a leading humanitarian organization (KSrelief), is making a significant impact by addressing the critical nutritional needs of the people in the remote Broghil Valley of Upper Chitral, Pakistan. In response to the challenging circumstances faced by the residents of this isolated region, KSrelief has initiated the distribution of 350 food packages which is a part of 3rd phase of KSrelief Food security support Project Pakistan 2023-2024. The Broghil Valley, culturally tied to the Wakhi people and spanning from Tajikistan to Pakistan along the Afghan Wakhan corridor, faces extreme isolation during harsh winter seasons, characterized by heavy snowfall and road blockages, making it inaccessible to other regions.

Each package weighted 95 kgs which contains 80kg of flour, cooking oil of 5 liters, 5kg of Sugar, 5kg of Daal Chana, which will be sufficient for a family throughout the month.

This distribution, undertaken on the special request of Secretary RR&SD KP, and collaboration of NDMA, PDMA, UNOCHA KP, FAO, and implemented through the collaborative efforts of KSrelief and the EHSAR Foundation. The humanitarian effort reflects KSrelief’s commitment to reaching the most vulnerable populations, even in the most remote and challenging areas. The food packages aim to provide essential sustenance to improve the well-being of the community amidst the unique hardships posed by the severe winter conditions. Approximately 2,450 individuals have benefited from the relief package in Broghil Valley.

Source KSA Embassy Islamabad