Japan to accept 2 more wounded soldiers from Ukraine for treatment

Japan has decided to accept two wounded soldiers for medical treatment from Ukraine, following a similar move in June, amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country since February 2022, a source close to the matter said Saturday.

The two soldiers are slated to be sent to the Self-Defense Forces Central Hospital in Tokyo as early as late September, where they will receive rehabilitation treatment and necessary care, according to the source.

Japan, serving as the chair of the Group of Seven this year, has been actively providing support to Ukraine. However, the Asian nation has been limited to offering nonmilitary assistance due to restrictions imposed by its war-renouncing Constitution.

One of two soldiers accepted in June lost a leg, while the other lost both. After receiving rehabilitation treatment at the hospital, they were discharged in July. Japan covered the costs of hospitalization, travel and the production of prosthetic limbs.

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces hospitals are only intended to treat its own defense personnel, in principle. However, the defense minister can decide whether to permit care to non-affiliated individuals.