ISSI hosts intern university students

The India Study Centre (ISC) at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) on Wednesday hosted a delegation of university students working as interns at the Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR).

ISSI Director General Sohail Mahmood held a wide-ranging talk on Pakistan’s foreign policy in the evolving global and regional environment marked by traditional and non-traditional security threats and challenges, including major-power competition, Russia-Ukraine conflict, Covid-19 pandemic, and climate change, a news release said.

He also dilated in detail on Pakistan-India relations and the historical, legal and security dimensions of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. He stressed the importance of whole-of-nation approach while advancing the just Kashmir cause.

The talk was followed by an interactive session, in which different aspects of Pakistan’s foreign policy, Pakistan’s place in the global arena, and the role of youth in promoting Pakistan’s interests and positive image were discussed.

Earlier, Acting Director of the India Study Centre, Malik Qasim Mustafa gave an informative presentation on the ISSI structure and its five centres of excellence.

Mahwish Hafeez, a Research Fellow at ISC-ISSI, also shared a comprehensive overview of ISC’s activities, highlighting past events, research publications, and future research proposals.

KIIR Chairman Altaf Hussain Wani expressed appreciation for the support and cooperation of ISSI and ISC in hosting the delegation. He encouraged the delegation to represent Pakistan positively.

by Syed Farhan