Israel continues its offensive by air, sea and land against the devastated Gaza Strip

The Israeli Army continues its air, land and sea offensive on the Gaza Strip this Wednesday, despite growing international pressure for a ceasefire to alleviate the unprecedented humanitarian crisis plaguing the Palestinian enclave. , where some 21,000 deaths have already been recorded.

“Ground, air and naval troops of the Israel Defense Forces continue to attack terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip,” reported today the Israeli Army, which has taken almost total control of the north of the enclave.

In the Shejaiya area, one of the neighborhoods of Gaza City, “troops identified terrorists who shot at the soldiers, who ordered an Air Force plane to attack and kill them,” according to a military spokesman.

“The attack caused secondary explosions, indicating that the area was full of explosives intended to attack the troops,” he added.

On the other hand, in the area of ​​Daraj Tufah, another district of Gaza City, Israeli soldiers “identified a terrorist who was preparing to fire a short-range anti-tank missile at them. Then, the troops ordered the tanks to attack the terrorist and kill him before he could fire the missile,” the soldier said.

Also during the night, Israeli Navy forces identified “suspects who posed a threat to ground forces in a compound and attacked them.”

On the other hand, hand-to-hand combat in the Gaza Strip has killed three soldiers between the ages of 20 and 23, bringing the number of Israeli soldiers killed since the war broke out to 498.

At least 6 dead in Israeli raids in West Bank

At least six Palestinians have been killed and another seriously injured by Israeli fire during clashes that broke out this morning following military raids in the northern occupied West Bank.

In the worst wave of violence in the area since the Second Intifada, official Palestinian sources have reported that during the night, “Israeli occupation forces stormed the cities of Allar, Atil, Qafin and Sidon in the Sharawiyah area, al north of Tulkarem”, where they searched several homes and agricultural lands.

In response to these interventions “clashes broke out between young people and the occupation forces, who fired live ammunition and tear gas bombs.”

Israeli soldiers also arrested at least one Palestinian who had been released from prison in Artah, south of Tulkarem

More than 500 Palestinians killed in West Bank

On the other hand, Israeli troops carried out raids in other parts of the West Bank, such as in the village of Tayasir, east of Tubas, as well as in the cities of Beit Umar and Surif, near Hebron, in the southern West Bank, where They searched homes, questioned the inhabitants and made several arrests.

The West Bank and Israel are experiencing their most violent year in two decades, especially since last October 7.

This year, 519 Palestinians have died in violent events, including more than 111 minors.

In parallel, the area has seen the proliferation of new Palestinian armed groups, which together with individual attacks have left 41 dead on the Israeli side, most of them settlers, five of them minors, and seven in uniform.

BY Muhammad Hussain