Islamabad police conducts special checking against transporters involved in over-charging

Islamabad Capital Police is actively working to ensure a seamless traffic flow and facilitate convenient travel for the public within the federal capital.

As part of these efforts, police spokesperson said that the Islamabad Capital Police has initiated a special campaign to ensure that the benefits of reduced petroleum prices are directly passed on to the public.

Police teams have taken stringent actions against public transport vehicles found to be overcharging fares, resulting in the legal pursuit of 461 vehicles for fare violations beyond the stipulated limits, with 55 public transport vehicles impounded at various police stations.

Emphasizing the importance of this initiative, ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan highlighted that transporters were given a grace period of two days to adjust fares after the reduction in petroleum prices, following which these necessary legal actions were set in motion.

Citizens are encouraged to report any incidents of fare overcharging by transporters to the Islamabad Capital Police via the helpline “Pucar-15” or the “ICT-15” App, facilitating swift and effective action against violators.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga