Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt Celebrate National Children’s Day 2023

Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt Celebrate National Children's Day 2023
Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt Celebrate National Children's Day 2023

Frankfurt, Germany – The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt held the Children’s Party (Pesta Anak) 2023 on Saturday at the Indonesian House in Frankfurt am Main (22/07). This year’s Children’s Party was organised in collaboration with the Consulate General Spouse Group (DWP) in Frankfurt, Merpati e.V., the Indonesian Community in Germany (MasInJer), and the Wortschatz Book Club. Similarly to the previous year, the Indonesian Consulate General organised Children’s Party 2023 to celebrate National Children’s Day. The theme chosen remained the same as the previous year, which is “Protect the Children, Advance Indonesia,” aiming to motivate active participation from the community, individuals, and institutions in ensuring that Indonesian children remain resilient in facing various challenges related to the fulfilment of children’s rights and their special protection.

“Children are full of potential and are future bearers of the nation’s ideals, and they play a strategic role that requires protection to ensure their growth and development,” stated the Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt, Acep Somantri, in his opening remarks.

Furthermore, the Consul General of Indonesia in Frankfurt hoped that community organisations in the working area would support programs for children, who now constitute 30% of Indonesia’s total population. It was mentioned that the Consulate has initiated the National Course program for Indonesian children born and raised in Germany, as well as special consular services for children and teenagers.

The Children’s Party 2023 started with the singing of Indonesia Raya together. The event was enlivened by various competitions participated by children in the working area of the Indonesian Consulate in Frankfurt, dance performances by Frankfurt’s Girls Dance, a joint reading session with the Wortschatz Book Club, and an introduction to literature by Ni Luh Sriartini. The high enthusiasm of the children was evident in their active participation in singing contests, fashion shows, marbles races, cracker eating competitions, and musical chairs.

In the midst of the celebration of National Children’s Day 2023, a mini talk show titled “Recognizing Early Symptoms of Childhood Cancer” was held, featuring speakers from the National Eye Center of Cicendo Eye Hospital, Dr. Anne Susanty, SpA(K), M.Kes, and Dr. Primawita Oktarima A, SpM(K), M.Kes, who shared information on early detection of cancer symptoms in children and preventive measures for parents.

Another highlight of this year’s celebration was the bazaar, offering a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes and snacks, as well as refreshing authentic Indonesian beverages. There were also products from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and traditional clothes for children.

More than 60 children participated in the Children’s Party 2023, with a total of 200 visitors attending the event. The Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt, Acep Somantri, along with the Chairwoman of the Consulate General Spouse Group, also served special free meals for the children present, including burgers, hotdogs, french fries, and ice cream, which were joyfully received by the children.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga