Indonesia and 4 ASEAN Countries Hold Orchid Exhibition in Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Singapore – Gardens by the Bay in cooperation with the Indonesian and Thailand Embassies, as well as the Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia High Commission held an exhibition for orchids, architecture, and culture at Flower Dome Gardens by the Bay titled Orchid Extravaganza: Orchid of the East Tropics. The exhibition was the biggest cross-nation cooperation held by Gardens by the Bay until now. Besides orchids, kebaya is also exhibited, which has been curated by each Embassy and High Commission to represent their country’s culture.

The exhibition was opened by Singapore’s Minister of Culture, Society, and Youth, Edwin Tong (28/7). Four ambassadors from each country exhibiting the orchids also attended the opening ceremony, namely Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, Mr Suryopratomo, the Thailand Ambassador to Singapore, Chutintorn Gongsakdi, the High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam to Singapore Dato Paduka Haji Sidek bin Ali, and the High Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore Dato’ Dr. Azfar Bin Mohamad Mustafar.

CEO of Gardens by the Bay Felix Loh conveyed that Gardens by the Bay is honoured for the opportunity to work with neighbouring countries Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand for the first time making a flower exhibition, which to date is the biggest multinational flower exhibition Gardens by the Bay until now.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Suryopratomo conveyed that the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore warmly welcomed the cooperation offer with Gardens by the Bay along with the three ASEAN countries, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brunei Darussalam through the orchid exhibition. In addition, cultural performances and kebaya from the four countries also show the diversity of ASEAN countries.

Orchids are considered an important flower in all five countries. As an example, orchids are one of Indonesia’s national flowers, the state flower of Sarawak in Malaysia, an integral part of the Thailand economy as an export plant, and in the jungles of Brunei Darussalam, some of the world’s rarest species can be found. In Singapore, orchids are not only a national flower but also a medium of soft diplomacy through the naming of orchid species.

The more than 7.000 orchids exhibited at the Orchid Extravaganza: Orchids of the East Tropics have traceable origins from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Besides hybrid orchids, there were also native species from each country which exhibited, some of which cultivated by the Gardens by the Bay researchers themselves.

Besides orchids, each country is also represented by exhibiting its traditional house. The ancestral home of the Toraja people in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a very large boat-shaped roof, was chosen to represent the beauty of Indonesian culture.

Orchid Extravaganza: Orchid of the East Tropics takes place at Flower Dome Gardens by the Bay from July 28th until September 17th 2023.

Source: Indonesian Embassy in Singapore​