ICCPO takes steps to improve security of diplomatic enclave

Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan has initiated steps to improve the security of the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad.

He ordered the construction of protective towers and barriers, and the installation of cameras to record the movement of people at the entry and exit points of the high-security zone.

In the meeting, it was revealed that high-ranking officials from the NLC, Police, and CDA were present.

The primary agenda of this gathering was to evaluate and enhance the security measures in place within the diplomatic enclave.

Additionally, the meeting also featured discussions on ongoing construction projects within the enclave, with a strong emphasis on promoting environmentally responsible construction practices and minimizing disruption to the natural landscape, including trees and greenery.

During the proceedings, the ICCPO put forth a recommendation to erect protective towers and barriers to bolster the security of foreign diplomats’ residences, ambassadors, and international organization offices.

 Furthermore, the meeting advocated for a prudent approach towards unnecessary decorations and expenditures.

Highlighting the security aspect, the ICCPO directed the installation of cameras to capture the movements at entry and exit points within the high-security zone. These cameras are slated to be integrated into the Safe City surveillance network.

Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, in a bid to underscore Islamabad Capital Police’s commitment to ensuring the safety of foreigners, stressed that the force is undertaking several proactive measures.

He also confirmed that regular progress assessments of ongoing projects will be conducted, and daily briefings will be given to personnel on duty.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga

Source Islamabad Police