Honda to adopt Tesla’s charging port for EVs sold in North America

Honda Motor Co. has said that it will adopt Tesla Inc.’s charging standards for its electric vehicle models to be sold from 2025 in North America, joining other rivals in using the global EV leader’s charging port system.

Honda will employ Tesla’s North American Charging Standard system for EV models to be sold even before 2025 through the use of an adaptor, the company said Thursday.

The Japanese carmaker joins Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co. and other automakers in enabling their vehicles to use the Tesla quick charging network.

Among Japanese carmakers, Nissan Motor Co. said in July that it would adopt a NACS port in the North American market starting in 2025.

Japanese auto and power companies previously established a group called CHAdeMO to promote the country’s own EV recharging system.

By nadeem faisal baiga