‘Second prize’, by Isaki Lacuesta and Pol Rodríguez, best Spanish film at the 27th Malaga Festival

The director of the Malaga Film Festival, Juan Antonio Vigar, during the reading of the winners of this 27th edition of the Festival

The film ‘Segundo Premio’, by Isaki Lacuesta and Pol Rodríguez, has won the Biznaga de Oro for best Spanish feature film at the 27th Malaga Festival, while the Mexican production ‘Radical’, by Christopher Zalla, It has been the best Ibero-American feature film.

Lacuesta and Rodríguez have also won the award for best direction with this film inspired by the Granada band Los Planetas, which has also won the Silver Biznaga for best editing, for Javi Frutos, in the prize list announced this Saturday by the writer and Argentine screenwriter Claudia Piñeiro, who chaired the jury.

The special jury prize went to the film ‘The Little Loves’, by Celia Rico, also recognized with the award for best supporting female performance, for actress Adriana Ozores.

The best leading actress in the official section has been the Cuban Lola Amores for her role in the feature film ‘The Wild Woman’, by Alán González.

The Silver Biznaga for the best male performance has been distributed ‘ex aequo’ by Luis Zahera, for ‘Pájaros’ -by Pau Durà-, and the Argentine Joaquín Furriel, for ‘Descansar en paz’ ​​-by Sebastián Borensztein-, a film this also awarded with the award for best supporting actor, for the also Argentine Gabriel Goity.

For its part, the feature film ‘La casa’, directed by Álex Montoya, has received two jury awards, best script – for Montoya himself and Joana Ortueta – and best music – for Fernando Velázquez -, in addition to the audience award attending the screenings in Malaga.

The jury’s record is completed with the award for best photography, for Juan Carlos Martínez for his work in the Colombian production ‘Golán’, directed by Orlando Culzat.

Meanwhile, the critics’ prize in this official section, in which eleven Spanish and eight Ibero-American feature films competed, went to the film ‘Nina’, by Andrea Jaurrieta.

The director of the Malaga Festival , Juan Antonio Vigar, highlighted in the event of reading the winners that the contents of this edition have been marked by “diversity and richness” because, if the event wants to “be useful to the sector, it must show everything that is done in it.”

It has been possible to see “audiovisuals based on quality, with an intelligent perspective and with a social and personal commitment,” according to Vigar, who has claimed culture for its ability to “define the human being, which it dimension and magnifies” and for to be “the last refuge in such a convulsive, tense and aggressive world.”

He had a memory “for fellow Argentinians who fight to defend their rights as creators” and stressed that this 27th Malaga Festival “has managed to be a celebration of life, cinema and joy.”

Vigar has also mentioned the “enormous strength” of the industry area of ​​the event, which has had 1,600 guests from 61 countries on five continents, and has announced that the 28th Malaga Festival will be held from March 14 to 23, 2025. .

‘The Benetón family’ closes the Festival

Photo session of the series "?Lafamilia Benetón"?  which will be presented this Saturday at the 27th edition of the Malaga Film Festival
Photo session of the series “Lafamilia Benetón”, at the 27th edition of the Malaga Film Festival.

Director Joaquín Mazón once again opts for family comedy with ‘The Benetón Family’, a “white and funny” film about multiculturalism, disability and the challenges of parenthood starring Leo Harlem and El Langui and which closed the Festival this Saturday from Malaga, where it has been presented out of competition.

The life of Toni (Leo Harlem), a cantankerous man, single and childless, takes an unexpected turn when his sister dies and overnight he becomes temporary guardian of her five children adopted in different countries.

Toni, who works moving with Lolo (El Langui), will have to face cultural differences and the challenges of parenthood and will discover that the true family is the one you choose.