Hawaii wildfire death toll nearly 100, with 25% of area combed

he death toll due to devastating wildfires that swept through the Maui island in Hawaii of the United States has risen to nearly 100 amid mounting fears that the fatalities could be more.

State Governor Josh Green said in a press conference that he apologized for the slow progress in recovering bodies, adding that the pace “will accelerate.”

Maui Police Chief John Pelletier said rescue teams have combed 25 percent of the town of Lahaina, the most affected by the fires.

Authorities also said the names of the deceased will be made public from Tuesday, as long as their families have been notified in advance.

Green said in recent days that as the rescue efforts progress, which have the help of 20 dogs and personnel from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he will increase the total number of deaths.

FEMA and the Pacific Disaster Center said Saturday that rebuilding Lahaina could cost at least $5.52 billion.

The disaster has become the deadliest fire in the US in the last century, and hundreds of people are still missing. EFE

By Mian Saeed Ahmed Khan