First Corporate Futsal league Open Ceremony

First corporate futsal league. Top Corner Sports Unveils Grand Opening of#ReadyToRise Futsal
Premier League, Powered by PTCL Group and Ufone. Top Corner Sports, the visionary architect behind the #ReadyToRise Futsal PremierLeague, proudly presents an array of powerhouses set to grace the arena. The teams,including Ptcl Ufone, Huawei, Engro Enfrashare, Easypaisa, Eikon7, PTA 1, ZTE, PTA
2, Zong, Eighteen, and Jazz, are the living embodiment of unity, excellence, and the spirit of competition.
Each team carries the legacy of dedicated athletes, aspiring to etch
their names in the annals of sporting history.
Guiding this endeavor is a team of remarkable individuals, including Shoaib Baig fromUfone, whose commitment and leadership exemplify the partnership’s strength. FromTop Corner Sports, the dynamic duo of Shayan Mahmud and Taimoor Khan, alongsidethe strategic brilliance of Abdullah Salam, have woven the league’s tapestry with
innovation, passion, and a shared vision for the future. With every match, they breathelife into the #ReadyToRise Futsal Premier League, fostering a legacy of sportsmanship,
unity, and triumph that will resonate for generations to come.Top Corner Sports is excited to embark on this remarkable journey with PTCL Group
and Ufone, setting a precedent for corporate sports excellence. The #ReadyToRise
Futsal Premier League’s opening day promises electrifying matches and an
experience that transcends boundaries celebrates diversity and encapsulates the
essence of spirited competition.

By Dr Muhammad Hussain