Famed Pakistani-American singer Urooj Aftab conferred ‘Pride of Performance’ Award

 Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, Monday conferred the President’s Pride of Performance medal on Grammy award winner Urooj Aftab, an internationally recognized Pakistani-American vocalist, music composer and producer.

Ms. Aftab, 38, was the first Pakistani woman to ever win a grammy in 2022, a major annual American entertainment award. She sang Hafeez Hoshiarpuri’s Ghazal , “Mohabbat Karne Wale Kam Na Honge…” , in the Best Global Performance category.

“In recognition of her outstanding contribution in promoting Pakistani music tradition in the United States and across the globe, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has conferred on Ms. Urooj Aftab the President’s Pride of performance award,” said the citation read at an investiture held on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Ambassador Masood Khan underscored her role in bringing the people of two countries closer to each other through the power of music, saying that diplomacy and interstate relations were all about perceptions and Ms. Aftab has helped change the perception of Pakistan.

“Pakistanis loves music,” the Ambassador said.

Thanking the Government of Pakistan, Ms. Aftab said that it was a good moment to acknowledge that literature, poetry and music have been an “integral part of our identity as Pakistanis”.

Terming the conferment of the award upon her as a matter of pride and a source of inspiration for other female artists of the country, she said that it was a bright day for Pakistani female musicians.

On the occasion, Ms. Aftab also thanked and paid tribute to legendary female Pakistani singers, from Mukhtar Begum to Abida Parveen. “I don’t think I would be standing here if it wasn’t for them,” she said.

She also thanked her parents for their continued support to her.

By Usmana Kousar