The Kingdom has provided pioneering solutions to confront the growing challenges of water security at the regional and international levels

His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Engineer Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli, stressed the importance of the efforts made by the Kingdom; To meet the growing challenges of water security at the regional and global levels.

This came during His Excellency’s speech at the opening of the Fifth Arab Water Conference today, which coincides with the meeting of the Arab Ministerial Water Council in its fifteenth session in the capital, Riyadh, in the presence of a number of Their Excellencies the Ministers of Water and Water Resources in a number of Arab countries, and regional and international partner organizations.

He praised the Kingdom’s international efforts in the water sector, represented by the announcement by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, may God protect him, of the establishment of a global water organization based in Riyadh, as a step that embodies the Kingdom’s awareness of the vital role of water and its supplies. In ensuring the future of humanity and achieving sustainable development goals, in addition to its ongoing efforts within the work of the G20 by presenting many water issues and challenges, to highlight them, and seeking to find solutions and opportunities for joint cooperation.

Minister Al-Fadhli indicated that holding the conference represents the utmost importance in contributing to finding scientific and practical solutions, and opportunities for cooperation and joint work. To face the ongoing challenges resulting from limited water sources and climate changes facing the world and the Arab region in particular, stressing that the conference topics include many research and studies on the concept of integrated management of water resources and its challenges, modern technologies to reduce water stress, and cloud seeding techniques, in addition to related topics. The Arab Water Security Strategy and modern financing methods for water projects, highlighting the efforts made by Arab countries in confronting the challenges of the water sector.

He stressed the importance of strengthening joint cooperation to confront the risks associated with fresh water supplies in the world, which contributes to strengthening cooperation among countries of the world. To confront water challenges, and work to address them at the global level, His Excellency noted the Kingdom’s initiative to request hosting the eleventh session of the World Water Forum in 2027, which contributes to enhancing the participation of Arab countries in the forum.

For his part, the Assistant Secretary-General and Head of Economic Affairs of the League of Arab States, Ambassador Dr. Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Maliki, condemned the Israeli attacks on Palestine, which caused massive destruction to all service sectors, especially the water sector, which exposes the Palestinian people to the risk of destruction due to the lack of water supplies.

Arab water security is considered one of the basic pillars of Arab national security. As all Arab countries are seeking to achieve their water security by adopting sustainable water policies and finding innovative alternatives to cover the water deficit, pointing to the impact that climate change has on exacerbating water challenges in the Arab region, as water scarcity and the decrease in the region’s per capita share of water lead to To the widening of the food gap; Because food production is linked to water, which strengthens the issue of water as a pivotal Arab issue.
After that, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture for Water, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Shaibani, chaired a dialogue session entitled (Sustainability of Dry Water Resources…The Experience of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), in which the Undersecretary for Regulatory Affairs (Water Regulator), Dr. Fahd Abu Moati, and the Undersecretary of the Governor participated. For the institutional transformation at the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Eng. Mamdouh Al-Shuaibi, the CEO of the National Water Company, Eng. Nimr Al-Shibl, the CEO of the Saudi Water Partnership Company, Eng. Khaled Al-Quraishi, and the Vice President for Projects at the General Irrigation Corporation, Eng. Muhammad Abu Haid.

The participants reviewed the most prominent achievements achieved by the Kingdom in the water sector, where the development of non-traditional water resources (desalinated sea water, renewed water, and rain harvested water) was expanded, and an increase in desalinated water production was achieved from (5) million cubic meters per day in 2016. to about (9) million cubic meters per day in 2023, while reducing production costs to approximately (50%).
Participants in the session noted the significant expansion in the provision of high-quality water and sanitation services, and the increase in the coverage rate of wastewater collection and treatment services, from About 52% in 2017 to about 61% in 2023, and they expected to reach – God willing – 95% in 2030, in addition to providing financial and legal support to address all challenges, provide enabling mechanisms and draw up effective implementation plans to reach sufficient quantities. of secured water in normal and emergency situations, stressing the importance of the National Water Strategic Vision in contributing to the development of water resources in accordance with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.