China, Pakistan forge strong education partnership at CACIE Forum

 The International Industry-Education Cooperation Forum in the Context of Education Digitalization, part of the 2023 China Annual Conference & Expo for International Education (CACIE), was held on Friday at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

The forum brought together leaders from Chinese government departments, diplomatic envoys, and representatives from various universities and enterprises.

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque, delivered a keynote speech via video.

During the event, the China-Pakistan International Industrial Academic Integration Alliance (CPIA) released an Achievement Report and introduced affiliated committees, including the Agricultural and Forestry Industrial-Educational Cooperation Committee, Classical Medicine Industrial-Educational Cooperation Committee, and Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Industrial-Educational Cooperation Committee, CEN reported.

CPIA Secretary General Muhammad Ammar said, “China-Pakistan International Industrial Academic Integration Alliance has played a vital role in promoting China-Pakistan industrial-academic integration. It has established connections with Chinese-funded enterprises in Pakistan, providing personalized human resources development programs to support their global operations.

‘Moreover, it has facilitated exemplary collaborations between member institutions, enterprises, and prominent Chinese companies.”

The successful conclusion of the International Industry-Education Cooperation Forum at CACIE 2023 highlights the growing collaboration between China and Pakistan in the field of education.

The forum has paved the way for increased cooperation and a promising future for education in both countries.

By Usman Waheed