China denies iPhone ban despite ‘security issues’

 China on Wednesday denied having banned government officials and employees of state-owned companies from buying or using iPhones but said that it had noticed some “security issues” with the Apple devices.

Recent reports by US media and posts on Chinese social media platforms had claimed that the Chinese government had banned the purchase and use of iPhones by staff of government agencies and firms.

“The Chinese government attaches great importance to information and cyber security and treats both domestic and foreign companies as equals,” foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said.

Mobile phone companies operating in China should scrupulously respect local regulations, she added.

Mao said that China maintained an open attitude toward foreign companies and welcomed them to take advantage of development opportunities in the country.

The spokesperson’s remarks come shortly after Apple unveiled the iPhone 15, its latest phone model.

According to global technology market research firm, Counterpoint, Apple’s market share in China in spring was approximately 20 percent.

There have been bitter disputes between Washington and Beijing over Chinese tech giant Huawei’s alleged military ties, the global growth of Chinese mobile applications such as TikTok and Chinese companies’ access to American technology. 

By Ch Fahad Khan Janda