Body cameras distributed among cops to ensure transparency in policing affairs

Islamabad police have distributed body cameras among the dedicated personnel of the Dolphin Squad to bolster transparency and accountability within the force.

Under the direct orders of Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, the Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO), the SSP Safe City initiated the distribution of these body cameras, coupled with comprehensive training on their proper usage.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to ensure the secure and verifiable recording of interactions between police officials and the public.

By doing so, the Islamabad Capital Police aims to foster a safer environment, deter criminal activities, and keep a vigilant eye on any suspicious individuals or events.

During the training session, Dolphin Squad members were instructed to consistently wear and operate these body cameras while on duty. This practice guarantees that all interactions with the public are securely recorded, serving as a deterrent against unlawful activities.

Furthermore, officials were unequivocally directed to refrain from conducting vehicle searches without the explicit authorization of senior officers.

They were also reminded to uphold courteous and respectful behaviour when interacting with the public, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

The Islamabad Capital Police remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the lives and property of the citizens it serves.

Islamabad police have appealed to all citizens for cooperation in a collective mission to uphold peace and security.

It has been also asked to report any suspicious activities promptly to your nearest police station or dial the “Pucar-15” helpline.

By Nadeem Faisal Baiga Source. IP