Amritsar Bound Air India Express Boeing 737 Lands In Karachi Following Medical Emergency

The flight was departing from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A Boeing 737 aircraft was forced to conduct an emergency landing due to a medical emergency on October 14. The Air India Express aircraft was flying from Dubai International Airport (DXB) in the United Arab Emirates to Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport (ATQ) in Amritsar, India. The aircraft was forced to land at Jinnah International Airport (KHI) in Karachi, Pakistan.

In-flight medical emergency

The Air India Express aircraft, which was registered as VT-AYD, departed from Dubai at approximately 8:51 local time. The flight, which is known as IX192, is typically around 3 hours of flight time. However, at around an hour and a half into the flight, one of the passengers experienced a medical emergency. The Air India Express flight crew decided to reroute to the nearest airport to ensure the passenger could be treated as quickly as possible.

The flight crew opted to divert to Karachi. The Air India Express 737 landed at around 12:30 local time. The flight crew coordinated with local authorities and airport personnel to ensure the passenger was able to receive immediate medical care upon the aircraft landing.

Doctors at the airport administered medical care and provided the passenger with a further medical assessment. The doctors would then be cleared to fly on the same flight shortly after.

Normal service resumed

Later that afternoon, the aircraft would depart the airport in Karachi and resume its service to Amritsar. The aircraft departed Karachi at approximately 14:30 local time. The 737 then landed in Amritsar at around 16:30 local time.

A spokesperson for Air India Express spoke about the incident and said,

“A guest onboard our Dubai-Amritsar flight had a sudden medical complication inflight (October 14), and the crew opted to divert to Karachi, given that it was the closest location to provide immediate medical assistance.”

Air India Express also extended gratitude to the local authorities and airport personnel in Karachi for their assistance and immediate response. The spokesperson for the airline also stated,

“The airline closely coordinated with the airport and local authorities, and the guest was provided immediate medical services after landing. The airport doctor at Karachi administered required medication and after medical assessment, the pax was cleared to fly by the airport medical team.”

Other recent diversions in the area

Several weeks ago, an IndiGo flight was forced to divert to Bengaluru due to a failure to land at its intended destination. The flight, operated as 6E-6525, was flying from Kolkata to Hyderabad on August 31. The aircraft was unable to land at Hyderabad due to weather conditions and was diverted to Bengaluru. The aircraft was used to transport the passengers to Hyderabad early the next morning.

Another IndiGo flight was also forced to conduct an emergency landing this summer. The flight, registered as VT-IUB, was operating between Delhi and Ranchi. However, the August 5th flight was forced to return to Delhi due to a technical issue and landed 25 minutes later.

Also in August, another IndiGo flight was forced to return to its departing airport due to a technical issue. The aircraft, registered as VT-IIG, was flying between Patna and Delhi, turning back to Patna after just three minutes into the flight.

By Mian Saeed Ahmed Khan