After 37 years, Hamza Khan became the junior world champion

Hamza’s mother speaking on this occasion said that I have always advised Hamza to always be humble and hardworking. Allah has heard our prayer. Hamza’s father. Niazullah Khan said that when Hamza started playing squash, he was only six months old. After Hanat, Pakistan won the junior championship. My wish was that Hamza became a world champion. Hamza worked hard and Allah gave him success. Pakistan Squash Federation – Air Force And I am thankful to the media that they filled it.Did you cooperate? Thanks to Allah for this great success. On this occasion, Pakistan’s Joe Nayar player Sajid Khan said, “We are going to play in China. There we will be called this. They come from Hamza Khan’s country. It is a great honor for us.” We will also work harder to become the world champion. Hamza, the world champion, speaking said, “First of all, I thank Allah for the success. If the Pakistan Squash Federation continues to support me in the same way, I will become the world champion, God willing.” Secretary PSF Zafar Yab specially thanked the Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Squash Federation, Serena Kotal coaches and the media and said that the media gave full coverage on this occasion, which boosted the morale. Earlier, Australia On arrival in Pakistan from International Air Islamabad, Hamza received a wonderful welcome. Remember that this honor was won by John Sher Khan 37 years ago today. According to Hamza’s father, Niazullah Khan, Hamza is so hardworking that when he did Squash In just six months, he won the honor of Pakistan Joe Nayar. He thanked the Pakistan Federation for its support.It should be remembered that Hamza belongs to Nawan Kali, the home village of the legendary world champion of squash, adjacent to Peshawar. He won the U-14 title after the U-12. Then he became the Asian junior and later won the British junior title. Pakistan’s success again at the world level after three years is a great honor and a source of pride. Khan 1951…..1956, 9 then became squash champion in 1958. He became world champion seven times. He was defeated by his brother Azam Khan. He was world champion four times. Mohibullah Khan was world champion once. Roshan Khan was also world champion. He had the honor of world champion. Qamar Zaman once. Jahangir Khan defeated him. Jah. Nagir Khan was also the world champion of squash for seven years. Then he was defeated by John Sher Khan, a youngster from Nawan Kli, and enjoyed the world championship for six years. What? For a long period of 47 years, Pakistan ruled the squash world. After 1996, no Pakistani even missed out on becoming the world champion. Now Hamza.Khan’s success at the highest level has given hope that Pakistan will win the world title again. Hamza Khan belongs to the world champion Qamar Zaman family. His nephew Shahid Khan, who is in America, also trained Hamza in America. Done. Hamza Khan is the nephew of Shahid Khan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced to give one crore to Hamza Khan. The government should give Hamza a check immediately. Javed Afridi, the owner of Haier, has also announced to give one million. Which is a welcome thing. If Hamza continues to work hard in the same way, he will also become a serial champion.Including women should also play their role to make the world world champion. There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. Therefore, women should be encouraged along with men. No former world champion participated in Serena Hotel. Many questions are being raised in Zaheen. The thing to think about is the absence of Qamar Zaman and Hamza’s coach Asif Khan. The Standing Committee of the National Assembly appreciated the performance of Pakistan Squash on the bragging of Secretary Zafar Yab and all the attendees applauded Hamza’s success. However, the responsibilities of Pakistan Squash Federation have increased, Hamza and other talented players. Work hard so that Pakistan rules the squash world again.

By Dr Muhammad Hussain