Adm. Lisa Franchetti becomes 1st woman to command U.S. Navy

Adm. Lisa Franchetti on Thursday became the first woman to command the U.S. Navy and serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff after the Senate approved her nomination.

The congressional endorsement came after Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville held up hundreds of military nominations for months in protest against a Pentagon policy to pay travel expenses for service members seeking abortions.

U.S. President Joe Biden nominated Franchetti to lead the Navy in July. Along with Franchetti, who was the vice chief of operations for the Navy, the Senate also confirmed Gen. David Allvin to be chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin released a statement urging the Senate “to take swift action on the remaining nominations so that these American heroes can lead our team in keeping our country safe.”

He noted that more than 370 military nominations are still “unnecessarily stalled” even though the United States faces a range of urgent security challenges.

By Usmana Kousar